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We believe that success of AI will be based on collaboration, communication, and equality.

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As a collective of ai-based products for enterprise, creatives, no-coders, and industrial professionals, we have a promise to no-coders, and industrial professionals, we have a promise to make AI accessible and easy to layer onto your current digital processes. Fine-tune custom models for higher performance at a lower cost using prompts to automatically integrate, automate and layer on any prompts to automatically integrate, automate and layer on an AI-based model including Open AI's GPT instances.

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Our Story
We come from the bellies of the internet. Every single team member has been on creative and engineering teams, never settling and pushing the AI-future foward. We spent collectively 80+ years as a agency or firm for projects (both in the AI space and private sector) and touched over 120 companies.

We work with industrial and enterprise companies that are ready to change today to become the drivers of their fields tomorrow.

Our platform is built over years of fine-tuning, massaging and understanding AI. We have a universal vision is to build the world’s most powerful applications, interfaces, and devices from a single prompt.

We are committed to providing public and company-specific AI fine tuning models to together, carve a path focusing on AGI. We are industrial-first, meaning your rugged and rough companies are the ones we seek to partner with. Today, this includes publishing most of our AI research, but we expect that safety and security concerns will reduce our traditional publishing in the fields such as construction, health care, social studies, even agriculture. As both consumer facing products, and enterprise consultancy we hope you chose Hexigon to increase the importance of AI in safety, policy, and standards research for your field of work.

Automate and integrate everything. One of the first AI agents built for enterprises.

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We are trusted by over thousands users around the Americas, Europe and Asian countries with on-premise and virtual plans.

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1. Schedule an AI Audit

We introduce Hexigon and HexOS to give you the powers of a developer and a designer, AI based internal flows for your process. Learn how we can integrate with any platform as long as it has an API.

2. Choose your Base Model

You dictate, we listen. During the AI audit we understand complexity of the processes, the integrations and the best AI model to implement. Create remarkable tools to solve the business problems you thought you never could.

3. We set up the flow and HexOS model

We produce the python and fine-tuning model based on your needs and upload the data (or call it with our Webhooks). We do everything for you including the integration, development and automation features within our tool to your AI one.

4. Deploy your AI app

Deploy your AI based tool for your internal / or external audience. Start testing and calculate your processes, and we fine tune the model, and A-B Test particular flow patterns.

5. Support

We have month-to-month support plans starting at $999/Mon for ongoing changes to give your AI application the attention long term. Plan and evaluate the essential features of your product to accomplish your business goals and eliminate mundane tasks.

We were the First to take your Business to the AI-Level

We have been a leading integration studio for over 6 years, creating software for marketing, sales or production for moving the needle for your bottom line. Now we are doing it with AI.
Integration & Automation work for over 100+ Companies

From the Oldest Webflow agency building landing pages, to today, an enterprise partner creating both open-source tools and custom integrations, we have the team to take your project to the next level.

Let us change your opportunity and uncover the AI inside your existing app or business operation. 100% of all of our clients say, "It's Changed Everything for them".

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Let’s build an AI future that works for everyone.
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Layer on AI yourself. Build an AI app or website and instantly with our Visual Programming Interface for Low-code Development. Take your No Code tool to new heights by integrating, processing, and transforming various events and data in real time.
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