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Lets explain some things.
Are you an Incubator or Development agency?

We are both. Sometimes the equity model doesn't make sense or we work along side your parent investor or private equity firm to best deliver the product for your end users.

Should you choose us as an incubator or partner in your design and development needs we would be honored to take the leap with you.

Who should apply to the incubator?

We have been helping over 200+ companies get to market. Today, we are focused on ai-specific endeavors and even invest in them. Our platform helps bring entrepreneurs from 0 to 0.5. This means we work with founders who have started building a product and are currently focused on distribution and hiring.

Hexigon works with early-stage companies at three key junctures: Initial customer acquisition and validation (often at the pre-Seed stage). First product or company launch and hiring (often at the Seed stage). Scaling customer acquisition and fundraising (Always before the Series A).

How is Hexigon Different?

Hexigon is a radically different kind of startup accelerator. We pair you with unicorn founders for four weeks who become your mentors and help you rethink growth and product. Instead of merely hosting group chats, they roll up their sleeves and dive into product. That’s the benefit of us keeping our batches small. It’s important to work with founders more experienced than you to see how they think through problems. It trickles down and inspires you.

We also build your idea along side you. Meaning that we also believe in offering more competitive terms than other programs and have world class designers and developers to bring your vision to light.

How many companies do you work with?

We concentrate on the successful outcomes of no more than 2 to 5 companies at once.

What if we are not in the United States.

Even better. 95% of our products are global and launch outside of the US. Hexigon was started to give equal opportunities to makers and entrepreneurs and similarly aim to work with founders wherever they are based. Our goal is to be as international as possible. There are certain countries where it is harder for us to make investments because of legal complexities and overhead. For companies that intend to raise funding from US firms in the future, we encourage incorporation as a Delaware Corporation.

Are you Remote?

The Hexigon program is fully remote, but we highly encourage founders to join us for the kick-off that is also 100% virtual. We encourage those that are in the US to join a meet-up that is viewed at The Ai Foundry. Our time in person is a great opportunity to get to know the other founders and meet the Hexigon team.